The University of Illinois Counseling Center is a recognized national leader within the field of university and college counseling in the area of suicide prevention programming. The University of Illinois expects and encourages students to maintain a reasonable concern for their own self-welfare and that of the overall campus community. To enhance the student experience and promote health and wellness on campus, this suite of six online, interactive, and research-proven training simulations are designed to educate our faculty, staff, and students about best practices in supporting (1) students who struggle with psychological distress including depression and suicidal ideation, (2) LGBTQ students who are struggling due to harassment or exclusion, and (3) student veterans who are facing challenges in adjusting to college life. Each training takes 30-60 minutes to complete and is structured as a virtual practice environment where users learn by engaging in interactive role-play conversations with emotionally responsive virtual students.

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Suicide Prevention is a Campus Community responsibility. You can help spread the word about the availability of resources and trainings to target learners and invite discussions regarding distressed and distressing students. Please click on "Tips & Resources" below to gain access to a variety of materials to assist you in achieving this goal.

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